One Year Home!

The other day we celebrated that our daughter got home from the hospital one year ago! How exciting!!! It’s soooo crazy to think that it’s been so long, and that it’s gone so fast!

Looking back at life last year, it’s hard to believe how much has changed. This time last year, we were worrying about vital stats, any remote germ that anyone might’ve been spreading, and everything else under the sun. Oh! I remember her one medication was at the top of that list too. Preemies get caffeine to help their heart, and it had to be dosed 24 hours apart. We were always terrified that we’d miss the dose and something would happen.

Now things are so different – our worries are “normal” one year old worries – did we pad all the corners so she doesn’t bump her head, what is she putting in her mouth, etc. What a nice change! It really is amazing to see how quickly things flipped around. Thank goodness!

Kennedy meets goal after goal and continues to amaze everyone she meets. She’s the funniest, sweetest, most perfect human I’ve ever met!

I love how she blows kisses, pretends to talk on her phone, washes her hands, and most recently, she started “cleaning” the floor, her toys, and anything else she can find. I’m not sure where in the world she learned that! I certainly keep my phone clean all the time, but I don’t constantly clean anything else that way. She’s really into the cleaning and it’s hysterical. I just couldn’t love that girl any more if I tried. She’s truly perfect.

There are many, many times each week that we talk about how lucky we are to get to be her parents. She’s such a fighter and she’s so bright spirited and perfect, I truly can’t believe our luck.

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