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I Can’t – Or At Least Shouldn’t – Compete & Compare

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Sometimes, it’s just not smart to compete – especially when it comes to keeping up with the Joneses or other peoples’ successes. But man, it’s tempting!

I live in a neighborhood with a lot of new homes, and I’m pretty sure every single house is doing something to their house. It’s actually pretty funny because the houses that are the oldest (but still very new) are the ones doing bigger things, like getting pools. In the second group of homes, there are lots of new decks, patios, and flooring. In the newest area, people are getting their driveways widened, working on landscaping, etc.

It’s so easy to get caught up in that. But, it’s definitely not productive. I mean really, what is the goal (and again, why is it so tempting!)? I find myself with little tinges of jealousy when I see people getting the pools, or a Volvo or Range Rover, or see thousands of likes/comments/shares on posts, but that really just doesn’t make sense.

Aside from the pool, which I am convinced would make life more happy (hahaha!), what would a Range Rover add to my daily life compared to the 1-year old SUV I currently have? With covid still impacting things, there’s not even many places to go. Where would I drive that Volvo or Range Rover???

And as far as any grass is greener thinking about anyone else’s career successes, that just doesn’t make any sense either. Not that it stops me, but still. I often find myself thinking, ugh, I wish I could, or she’s done this or he’s done that. I then have to remind myself that I don’t know their story.

Even if we’re friends on FB or LinkedIn, that doesn’t mean I know the whole story and don’t know how they got to that point – I try to remember the analogy of success to an iceberg: success is just what you see, but there’s a much bigger part of the iceberg below the service. It’s silly to compare or compete with what others are doing.

I have to remember that I am only living MY life. Worrying that someone else has achieved more or faster than I have is truly senseless. I’m writing my own story. It’s definitely a story with a pool in the pages, but as for the rest of it, I’m learning as I go. This is the first time in close to a decade that I’ve had the ability to really think about what I *want* to be doing, and that’s pretty awesome. I am really proud of myself for working on Speaking Of, and treating it like a career – because I intend it to be.

I need to give myself the time to let it develop and grow. And with that, I need to be patient – which is admittedly one of the things I struggle with – and as long as I’m persistent and consistent, things will work out how they should for me.

My best friend loves the quote “What is for you shall not pass you.” That is perfect and so true!

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