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(Video) Wanido CEO, Troy Bagne – Speaking Of, Founder’s Mission Interview

Check out the Speaking Of, Founder’s mission interview with Troy Bagne, CEO of Wanido. 

Troy and his team at Wanido are on a mission improve employee engagement by focusing on culture, health, and finance. 

Using a social-style platform that uses AI to personalize the employee’s experience on the Wanido, employees get access to resources for everything from the top 10 health conditions, to improving their finances, to sharing their candid thoughts about their experience at the company year ‘round. 

Founding Wanido out of a personal experience to provide a better option for employees, Wanido is an employee-centric platform that simultaneously helps employees while driving employer results. 

Topical time codes on the YouTube page

Learn more about Wanido:

Learn more about Fast Forward Consulting:

See more from Speaking Of:

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