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(Video) Speaking Of, Founder’s Mission – Verde Founder/Owner/Operator, Jennifer Ferrebee

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Check out the Speaking Of, Founder’s Mission interview with Jennifer Ferrebee. Jennifer (along with husband Sam) is the founder, owner, and operator of Verde restaurants based in Charleston, SC. 

She and her husband started Verde 9 years ago and started the business with the bold mission to make fresh, healthy salads and wraps while building an awesome place that people want to work and where customers love to eat! 

PS – their 9-year celebration is next week – so if you’re in Charleston, don’t miss out on their $3.65 birthday celebration sale. You can order online now. 

In our interview, Jennifer and I talked about everything from their mission, running a business during a pandemic, her love of puns, being a working mom, and much, much more! 

What started as a 3.5 hour conversation and a 1.5 hour interview, has been skimmed down to a 34 minute video – such a tough task because we had so much fun chatting! Enjoy! 

Topical time codes for the interview are below.

Learn more about Verde:

Place your $3.65 Verde-birthday order (for pickup on Oct. 20th):

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