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(Video) Speaking Of, Founder’s Mission Interview – Jaclyn Wainwright, CEO of AiRCare Health

Check out the Speaking Of, Founder’s Mission with Jaclyn Wainwright, CEO of AiRCare Health. 

Jaclyn and her team are on a mission to remove barriers to mental health care, connect people to the services and experts they need, and destigmatize mental health concerns. 

AiRCare Health offers “Next-generation behavioral health and wellbeing” through a model that uses data and strives to “predict and prevent” instead of “chase and treat.” 

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During our conversation, Jaclyn shared her thoughts on what emotional health care should look like, how to remove barriers, and what she finds exciting about the future of mental health care. 

We also talked about what it’s like to balance leading a company and being a mom, and how she and her husband are modeling emotional health at home for their children.


Learn more about AiRCare Health:

Learn more about Speaking Of:

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