About Us

Stephanie’s Story

Hi, I’m Stephanie and I’m an¬†only child, married to an only child, raising an only child. ūüôā My husband and I¬†are both Pittsburghers who¬†settled¬†in the south (after spending a few years as nomads – it’s kind of fun to just pick up and move!), annnd then we moved to the north again!

If you ask anyone to describe me, they’re probably going to say quirky, or some synonym along those lines. That’s pretty accurate, by the way. I’m very type-A, love facts and research (I’ve written down everything I’ve eaten, what I’ve done every day, who I’ve talked to, etc. since 1993!), had a 23-year (!!!) streak of having paint on my nails, and I also love to entertain people… which brings me to this website.

I have wanted to start my own talk show and become a writer for ages, and this website is the start of one of those dreams!

Another crazy-important thing to mention is that I’m a¬†mom to a preemie, Kennedy, who rules my¬†world. Kennedy’s basically the coolest person on Earth. On this page you’ll probably hear a lot of fun stories about her, my¬†life, and everything else in between… not to mention all the cool stuff Dawn plans to share. She’s also one of the coolest people on Earth, so you’re in good hands on this page!

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Dawn’s Story


Greetings! My name is Dawn Barry, and I happy that you found us.  I have wanted to write a blog foooooorevvvvvvvvver, and I am told by sources that I am late to the game, thanks Matt.  Matt is my younger, more successful, single (hey ladies!) brother.  Anyways, back to me, I don’t want to lose focus here!  I live in a small town outside of Pittsburgh with my husband and two sons.  My boys are Evan and Cole. They are the best at stealing my heart and remote every night.  I am scatter-brained, hyper, neurotic, and unorganized; some might say a beautiful mess.  I am one of those people who live by the seat of their pants.  I love coming up with ideas and inventions and then if I want to make sure it happens, I talk to my good friend Stephanie.  I think that every conversation that I have with her ends up with me buying a house, getting a dog, and now starting a blog!  Stephanie is a super supportive friend, and I am so happy she started this page.

Writing and entertaining has always been a passion of mine, although I believe that my last stint with entertainment was probably in a college radio course, so I may be a little rusty. My writing/entertaining outlet sort of died when I went back to school for accounting and then had babies.  I know, accounting, the furthest from Fun Town, but at least you know I will keep my entries in balance, ha! (a little nerdy accounting humor, sorry).  I know this first entry will help light the spark.  My intent for writing this blog is to share with you my tips, experiences, and everything else in between.  Will I share with you some ways to make dinner easy?  Maybe.  Will I share with you some stories of my youth that so often pop in my head? Sure.  Will I ask for advice more than share it?  Most Definitely!

In short, we are glad to have your read our blog! Please join, share, comment, and love our site. We want to help entertain you when you need a break.