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(Video) Speaking Of Interview – Dr. Christopher Robinson, Maternal Fetal Medicine

Check out the Speaking Of interview with Dr. Christopher Robinson!

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Dr. Robinson is a maternal fetal medicine doctor, and does amazing work every day. I had the pleasure of getting to know him when I was his patient several years back. He put my mind at ease and took amazing care of me through my high-risk pregnancy.

In this interview, Dr. Robinson talks about maternal fetal medicine, helping eliminate patient fear, the cutting-edge care he and his team deliver, and what lead him to maternal fetal medicine.

Learn more about East Cooper Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialists:East Cooper Maternal Fetal Medicine

Learn more about Dr. Christopher Robinson:

Learn more about Speaking Of:

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(Video) Speaking Of, Founder’s Mission: Curai (Neal Khosla)

Check out the Speaking Of, Founder’s Mission with Neal Khosla, CEO and Founder of Curai. I really loved this interview and the mission of Curai and Neal personally. 

In the first half of the interview Neal talks about Curai, its mission, and how they’re planning to change healthcare, the patient/doctor relationship, and more using AI and machine learning. They’re working to improve patient care access, efficiency, and efficacy. 

In the second half of the interview Neal shares more about his personal reasons for founding Curai, and what the mission means to him and his team. They’re an inspiring group!!

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About Curai:

Learn more about Informed Consulting:

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(Video) Speaking Of, Founder’s Mission Interview – Chris McSwain, ThinkX

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Check out the Speaking Of, Founder’s Mission interview with Chris McSwain, President & COO of ThinkX. 

Chris is an amazingly accomplished… yet very humble… executive who has used out of the box thinking to relate to people and get exceptional results. 

At ThinkX, Chris and his team use brain science as the foundation of their cloud-based human capital performance platform. Their Px-12™ diagnostic tool maps employees’ subconscious thinking patterns, and then ThinkX uses coaching to help employees “level-up” to become the best version of themselves at work (and probably also at home!).

You can learn more about ThinkX on their website or on their LinkedIn page.

You can learn more about Informed Consulting on their website or on LinkedIn.

To watch all Speaking Of interviews and videos, check out the YouTube channel.

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(Video) Speaking Of, Founder’s Mission: Shawn Jenkins, Founder of 3Together & Benefitfocus

Check out the latest Speaking Of, Founder’s Mission interview. In a 2-part interview, I talked to Shawn Jenkins, Founder of 3Together and Benefitfocus. There was so much to cover and never enough time! Hopefully I’ll get to do another interview with Shawn in the future. 🙂 

In the first part of my chat with Shawn, we talk about his new company 3Together, starting companies during turbulent times, and the founding & early days of Benefitfocus. 

You can watch part 1 here:

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In part 2, we talk about the Benefitfocus culture, the legendary celebrations, going from tech to farm life, and giving back to the community. 

You can watch part 2 here:

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(Video) Speaking Of, Founder’s Mission: Zogo Finance

Check out the Speaking Of, Founder’s Mission video with Bolun Li, founder of Zogo Finance.

Bolun founded Zogo during the summer headed into his sophomore year at Duke University. He is on a mission to help Gen-Z learn about financial education through gamification on the *free* Zogo app. Bolun has an amazing story and an intense passion for financial education.

You can learn more about Zogo Finance on their website:


Learn more about Informed Consulting:…

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(Video) Speaking Of, Founder’s Mission: Nayya

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Check out the Speaking Of interview with the co-founders of Nayya! This is the first interview in the “Founder’s Mission” series, and CEO Sina Chehrazi and CTO Akash Magoon share the details about how Nayya is using AI and data science to personalize the way employees choose their benefits.

They consider Nayya to be a financial wellness company, as choosing the proper benefits plan is one of the biggest financial decisions a person will make each year.

Nayya partnered with Informed Consulting (which connects digital products to benefit ecosystem distribution partners) to transform the way people think about benefits.

Learn more about Nayya:

Learn more about Informed Consulting:

See more from Speaking Of:

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(Video) Speaking Of – Interview Preview (Nayya) & 80s Music

Check out today’s Speaking Of video interview preview and hear my thoughts of the week.

I talk about the interview I’ll be posting on Thursday with Nayya, and share my thoughts about the confusion 80s music can cause, haha!

Nayya is doing amazing things through their company and are revolutionizing the way people choose their benefits plans, and it was a great time talking to the founders about their mission. It was the first video in the “Speaking Of, Founder’s Mission” series.

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(Video) Speaking Of Interview: Mystic & Chris DuRant, Creators of “Bonus Mom, Bonus Mom: Where Are You?” Book

Check out this week’s Speaking Of interview. I talked to Mystic and Chris DuRant who just released their first children’s book: “Bonus Mom, Bonus Mom: Where Are You?”

It’s a positive book about the relationship between a child and her bonus mom (their name for a stepmom), and Mystic’s relationship with Chris’ daughter inspired him to write it. Chris is a former Marine who has many creative outlets, and was excited to write and work on this book with Mystic (who edited it).

Check out their interview to hear about the book, the self-publishing process, their family dynamic, and how writing helps fulfill Chris.

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Here’s the link to purchase their book:…

You can follow Chris on Twitter:

To read Chris’ blog, check it out here:

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(Video) Speaking Of – Interview Preview and 1st Visit to Puppy Playcare

Check out today’s video – I share the weekly interview preview about my chat with Don Taylor, CEO of AmplifiedAg, and talk about my dog’s first visit to puppy play care! It was so nerve wracking sending her, but she did great!! 🙂

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Goals Check In – Just Over 1 Quarter Left in 2020!

Holy cow, I wrote my original “goals” post on January 22nd. It’s pretty amazing how much the world has changed since then. How could we have known that less than 2 months later, “coronavirus” would be something we’d see plastered all over the news and be at the forefront of our minds?

Even though the world certainly changed, I thought it would still be good to do something “normal” and check in on the goals I set in late January.

So, here’s where things stand (original text in black, 7.31.2020 update in purple):

  • I work for the same company I did in the south, which is pretty awesome because it means no commuting in the snow. Well, as mentioned in a previous post, I was laid off, but on the bright side, still no commuting in the snow! 🙂 Also, even brighter, I am now working on my Speaking Of show and I’m excited to see that grow.
  • I still need to lose weight (insert face palm emoji here…). I’m working on that with Caleigh. (GOAL:) Get in shape. For real. Once and for all. I don’t want to look at another damn picture and say “wouldn’t it be lovely if I ____.” I want to look at a picture and say “yes, that paid off. I’m so glad that I no longer use the whale emoji in texts to my friends when talking about heading to the pool or beach.” Well, Caleigh has done absolutely amazing with this. I am doing okay! I have lost about 15 pounds since Jan. 23rd, so that’s good – especially since we’ve been out of the gym since mid-March when covid closures started happening.
  • I still need to get this blog going (insert emoji of a clock here – what the heck have we been waiting for???) – I’m working on that with Dawn. I’m really proud of this one! I have been doing weekly posts on here, weekly short videos, AND weekly interviews, which is my favorite part!
  • I haven’t gotten to have Thanksgiving dinner or go to the mall with Bret Michaels (insert heart emoji here…) – honestly, that’s such a dream of mine, haha! I’ve met him a few times and he is the nicest human alive. I’m not even sure how he’s a real person. I have to get to hang with him at the mall for an afternoon at least once in my life! Well, shucks. This still hasn’t happened. I must figure out how to make this happen! I did get his book, which is lovely. I also just saw you can have him do a digital greeting. ❤
  • I still need to figure out how to make my dream of having a talk show come true – I’m trying to find the solution to that too. That one takes a lot of work. Or maybe I’m overthinking it. (GOAL:) FIGURE OUT HOW TO LIVE MY PASSION. Seriously. Guys, I know this must sound stupid on some level. She wants to talk for a living. I know that sounds nuts, but seriously, it’s what I want to do, it’s what people have done, and I need that to be me so that we’re not having this same conversation again in Jan. 2021. I want to be living my passion so that my family and friends are proud of me and think of me as someone who actually lives their dreams, not just fantasizes. Hooray! Okay, I’m MOST proud of this. I have been doing weekly interviews. I can’t even believe how amazing this has turned out. I started doing videos with Dawn shortly before I was laid off, and then started doing my interviews right after the lay off. I’ve done about 8-9 interviews in as many weeks and have more scheduled. I’m seriously so excited about this. This will be my career. It may take time, but it will be, and that is FABULOUS!
  • Figure out how to get the sassies (what I call it when my daughter is sassy) and periodic tantrums to go away and have the sweet smile return all the time. I know a smile 100% of the time is nuts too, she’s a kid, not a robot, but dang, I miss seeing that ever-present smile. She is still SO happy, but she’s also sassy sometimes. The other day on the phone with a customer service person, he asked if I had any other questions. I said yes, do you have any tips about toddler temper tantrums? He got a kick out of that, but sadly he had no tips to share. I continue to work on this! Things are improving (most days!). We tell her to make decisions by using her brain and her heart, and treat people nicely like Daniel Tiger, but it’s still a work in progress!! Being out of a normal routine and out of situations where she’s playing with other kids regularly has definitely up-ended things, but we’re taking it day by day!

Okay, looking over that, I’m actually doing pretty well. Who knew this “writing down your goals” thing was so helpful, haha! I’m hoping for continued progress when I post the next goals update at the end of the year!

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(Video) Speaking Of Interview – Jessica Brewer, COO AmplifiedAg, Former Benefitfocus Executive (Part 2 of 2)

Check out part 2 of the Speaking Of interview with Jessica Brewer, COO of AmplifiedAg and former Benefitfocus executive.

In part 2, Jessica talks about being a mom, shares more about AmplifiedAg, her biggest career challenges, talks about maintaining balance, previews her new venture, and more!

Jessica Brewer Interview – Topical Timecodes on YouTube Channel

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Where Does the Time Go – Is It Possible to Do It All?

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

Is it me, or does time just seem to slip by, and there never seems to be time to get it all done?

Everyday, there’s a long list of things to complete: work, dinner, exercise, and of course taking care of your children, pets, etc. – taking care of kids and pets are a given, so they don’t need to go onto any kind of to-do list. But, taking care of them certainly does require time.

How do you get it all done? How does anyone? So many days it feels like hopping from one thing to the next, and before you know it, the King of Queens, or Golden Girls, or whatever show is on and you’re drifting off to sleep (btw, it’s always King of Queens in our house).

I’d like to think that most days, I’m pretty good at fitting everything in, but I often think that I should be doing something else, or something more. I definitely have mom guilt when my daughter knocks on my office door to see if I’m done for the day. And then when I am, we usually have to do something other than play – walk the dog, make dinner, etc.

It’s weird to think how things are still so busy, even in the days of mostly staying at home because of the ongoing pandemic. Still, somehow they are. Because things are *somewhat* normal, we’re now back on the schedule for kids’ classes, pet events, and the periodic small social event (seeing a close friend), and it seems more busy.

There doesn’t seem to be an answer for this. Just trying to be “present” in whatever part of the day it is seems to be the best we can do. It’s hard to let that guilt go, or that nagging feeling that you still have a few items left on the checklist that haven’t been completed.

I know that everyday is a new chance for me to learn how to avoid the guilt and the drive to get more done… but man, it’s hard to do! I think I’m getting a little better at it, but it’s definitely a process.

It’s also hard when there are so many things to be excited about – a new playset my daughter wants to use, or a new opportunity for Speaking Of (woot woot!), and training to do with the dog (that is really fun – especially because our dog seems so excited when she gets it right!).

I guess I just have to forget the idea of perfect balance. Some days, I’m in the office more. Some days, I am hanging out with my daughter for a while and we order dinner instead of make it (I’m working on this too, haha, you may have read my other post about dinner). It’s all okay.