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(Video) Speaking Of, Founder’s Mission: Shawn Jenkins, Founder of 3Together & Benefitfocus

Check out the latest Speaking Of, Founder’s Mission interview. In a 2-part interview, I talked to Shawn Jenkins, Founder of 3Together and Benefitfocus. There was so much to cover and never enough time! Hopefully I’ll get to do another interview with Shawn in the future. 🙂 

In the first part of my chat with Shawn, we talk about his new company 3Together, starting companies during turbulent times, and the founding & early days of Benefitfocus. 

You can watch part 1 here:

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In part 2, we talk about the Benefitfocus culture, the legendary celebrations, going from tech to farm life, and giving back to the community. 

You can watch part 2 here:

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(Video) Speaking Of Interview Preview & My Tail-Less Cat

Check out today’s Speaking Of video – I preview this week’s interview with tech founder Shawn Jenkins, and also talk about the pro/con of having a tail-less cat!